Stripe celebrates US$1tn milestone, grows 25% in payments volume.

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  • Stripe surpasses US$1tn in total payments volume for 2023, up 25% from 2022
  • Growth attributed to enterprise business, fast-growing startups adoption, and billing and tax services success

Fintech giant Stripe has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing US$1tn in total payments volume for the year 2023. The Co-founders, Patrick and John Collison, attribute this success to various factors, including the company’s focus on enterprise business, the adoption of its products by fast-growing startups, and the success of its billing and tax services. The growth in total payments volume, which increased by 25% from the previous year, has also led to a rise in Stripe’s valuation to US$65bn from US$50bn. Despite challenges in the market, Stripe’s resilience and innovations in its checkout suite have fueled its success.

Stripe’s checkout innovations, such as Stripe Payment Links, Stripe Checkout, and Stripe Elements, have enhanced the checkout experience for users, leading to high-converting flows. John Collison, the President of Stripe, sees the US$1tn milestone as just the beginning, highlighting the vast potential for growth in the digital payments market. With Stripe currently representing less than 2% of the total digital payments market, there is significant room for expansion and further success in the fintech industry.

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