Gen Z FinTech Prograd Announces Expansion To US After Successful UK Launch

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London, April 2024 – Prograd, the UK’s leading financial literacy platform for Gen Z, has today announced that it is expanding to the US in September this year.

Officially launched in 2022 after early support from TechStars, the company has gone from strength to strength and now boasts an engaged audience of 250,000 Gen Zs after just 15 months of operations.

Prograd has been widely praised for its approach to financial literacy education, which sees users earn ‘points’, redeemable as money, for learning more about managing their finances.

This mission is particularly important in the UK, where over 70% of young people believe they are not taught enough financial literacy at school.

Furthermore, through leveraging partnerships with businesses and job boards, Prograd has helped young people in the UK earn a collective £5M of additional income.

Alongside empowering young people, Prograd has also used its engaged community to advise a number of large financial institutions in the UK, such as Barclays, Plum, Starling and more. 

Through its user insights and in-depth research, Prograd has been able to consult companies on how to acquire and appeal to Gen Z users, an audience that many businesses are still trying to crack.

Now, after a successful UK launch, Prograd has its eyes set on The States.

Commenting on the move, Ethan Fraenkel, Co-Founder at Prograd commented “Having grown the brand to over 250,000 users in just 15 months in the UK, it was a no-brainer to expand to the US.

“Our mission is to help more young people earn, save and invest, and that’s an issue that affects young people globally, not just in the UK. We’re excited to continue expanding in the US and helping more young people navigate an increasingly complex financial landscape”

Find out more about Prograd and their mission at https://www.prograd.uk/

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