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  • Crossref offers a “pending publication” service for publishers
  • This service allows publishers to register upcoming content before it is officially published

In a constantly evolving digital publishing landscape, Crossref has introduced a new service called “pending publication” that allows publishers to register upcoming content before it is officially published. This service is hosted by Crossref at the request of the publisher, providing a seamless way to establish a digital presence for content prior to its official release.

One key benefit of this service is that it provides a way for publishers to establish a digital footprint for their content before it is published. This can help increase visibility and discoverability of the content once it is officially released, ultimately driving more traffic and engagement.

By registering upcoming content through Crossref’s “pending publication” service, publishers can also ensure that their content is linked to the correct metadata and identifiers, making it easier for readers to find and access the content once it is live. This can help prevent ambiguity or confusion around the content, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Additionally, this service can help publishers track the impact and usage of their content even before it is officially published. By being able to monitor metrics and engagement levels, publishers can make informed decisions about their content strategy and promotion efforts, leading to a more successful publishing outcome.

Overall, Crossref’s “pending publication” service offers publishers a valuable tool to establish a digital presence for their upcoming content, increase visibility and discoverability, ensure accurate metadata and identifiers, and track engagement levels. In a competitive digital publishing landscape, this service can make a significant difference in the success of a publisher’s content.

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