Tink unveils Risk Signals, advancing payment delight with precision.

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Tink has launched a new innovation called “Risk Signals” that aims to improve instant payment experiences by balancing speed and security. The risk engine leverages account, balance, and transaction data to make precise risk assessments in real-time. Risk Signals is designed to minimize the risk of fraud and enhance the user experience without compromising security. The system offers a suite of tailor-made risk checks for banks and markets, including real-time balance verifications, transaction history analyses, and velocity checks. The rollout of Risk Signals will begin in Europe, starting with Germany. Adyen, a leading payment service provider, is already using the service. The implementation of Risk Signals is seamless and requires no extensive integration by the customer. Dirk Jan Meijers, Payment Partnerships Lead Europe at Adyen, stated that Risk Signals enhances the open banking payment landscape in important markets by offering a secure and reliable payment option. Tom Pope, SVP of Payments and Platforms at Tink, highlighted the product’s value and its ability to provide a fast and secure payment method for businesses, especially in markets without real-time settlements.

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