Hunter Biden artwork: House GOP investigation reveals stunning $1.5M price tag

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Hunter Biden’s financial details have been revealed in a House GOP probe, shedding light on the sale of his paintings and his loans. Hunter Biden’s paintings have sold for $1.5 million, and he received nearly $5 million in loans to cover taxes and living expenses. The financial information was revealed by George Berges, the gallery owner who sold the paintings, and Kevin Morris, the lawyer who loaned the money. Both Berges and Morris denied seeking favors from the White House or discussing their business with the president.

House Republicans are investigating Hunter Biden’s finances for possible influence on President Joe Biden’s administration. Hunter Biden is scheduled to appear before the House committees on February 28. Republicans argue that the financial arrangements raise questions about potential corruption in the Biden administration, particularly regarding the art deals and Morris’s financial support to Hunter Biden. However, the White House has dismissed these concerns, with a spokesman calling the House GOP probe “failure theater.”

The sales of Hunter Biden’s paintings have raised ethical concerns, especially since some of the buyers were appointed to presidential commissions. Elizabeth Naftali, who bought two paintings for $94,000 after Joe Biden’s inauguration, was appointed to the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage. Morris, who became Hunter Biden’s friend and lawyer after meeting him at a fundraiser, bought several paintings for $875,000 but denied discussing the deals with the White House or seeking any benefits.

Hunter Biden has been charged with failing to pay federal taxes from 2016 to 2019. He has pleaded not guilty after a potential deal to avoid jail time fell through. Morris provided loans to cover Hunter Biden’s living expenses, including $200,000 rent on a Los Angeles house and $11,000 to pay off a Porsche. Morris maintains that he has no ulterior motives and that his relationship with Hunter Biden is based on friendship and professional duty.

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