55% of OCBC ownership is in the hands of retail investors, with 23% held by private companies.

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  • Retail investors account for 55% of the ownership of Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited (SGX:O39), while private companies account for 23%.
  • Institutional investors also hold a respectable stake in the company, indicating positive sentiment.

Retail investors hold the majority of ownership in Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited (SGX:O39), with 55% of the shares. This indicates that retail investors collectively have a significant say in the management and business strategy of the company. Private companies, on the other hand, hold 23% of the shares. The ownership breakdown shows that 25 investors have a majority stake in the company, with 41% ownership. Institutional investors, who compare their returns to a commonly followed index, also hold a respectable stake in the company, indicating positive sentiment.

While retail investors and private companies play a significant role in the ownership of the company, it is also important to consider other factors when evaluating Oversea-Chinese Banking. Analyst sentiment and insider ownership can provide further insights into the company’s performance. Hedge funds do not have a meaningful investment in the company, and insiders own less than 1% of the company in their own names. The largest shareholder is Selat (Pte) Limited, with a 14% ownership. Other major shareholders include Lee Foundation States Of Malaya, Endowment Arm, and Singapore Investments (Pte) Limited.

The general public, mainly individual investors, holds a collective ownership of 55% of the company’s shares. This gives them the power to influence decisions that affect shareholder returns, such as dividend policies and the appointment of directors. Private companies hold 23% of the company’s shares, and their strategic interest in the company should be investigated further.

Overall, retail investors, private companies, and institutional investors all hold significant stakes in Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited. It is important to consider various factors, such as analyst sentiment and insider ownership, when evaluating the company’s performance and potential for growth.

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