State Rep. Morrison boosts transparency by championing campaign finance reforms.

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State Rep. Eric Morrison recently introduced two bipartisan bills aimed at improving government transparency and accountability in campaign finance. The first bill, House Bill 291, would require donors to disclose their job title and employer’s name in campaign finance reports, a practice already required by the federal government and 38 other states. This would help track illegal campaign contribution techniques, such as “pass-through contributions” or “straw donors,” where money is funneled through multiple individuals to avoid donation limits. The bill would also prohibit individuals who accept prohibited campaign contributions from donating the money to a designated charitable organization. The second bill, House Bill 292, would require the Department of Elections to review every political committee’s contribution and expense reports. Currently, there is no formal review process to monitor campaign finances and expenditures. If a violation is discovered, the department would work with the candidate to rectify it, and an amended report would be posted on their website. These bills are part of a larger effort to address Delaware’s low ratings in government accountability and transparency. Both bills are awaiting consideration in the House Administration Committee.

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